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    Cipro Tablet

    April 27, 2008 by Editor · Leave a Comment 

    Cipro Tablet, After failing on their first attempt to overturn Oregon's Anti-Discrimination and Domestic Partnership laws, Oregon's anti-gays (who actually live in Tennessee) have admitted possible failure. More importantly they are claiming a possible failure on IP 146 which is Oregon's Domestic Partnership law. This means that Oregon's Anti-Discrimination law would be the only one on the ballot come November if they can muster up the signatures for it.

    I have to question their logic. Have they not done polling, Cipro Tablet canada. Quite obviously they haven't - as multiple polls indicate a record number of Oregonians support this anti-discrimination law, Cipro Tablet.

    For more background on the whole debacle, see our post from yesterday (here & here). I highly recommend reading it as it explains all the background details. 100mg Cipro Tablet, In an email to supporters, David Crowe from "Restore America" said the following:

    Initiative 144 is legally flawed and apparently beyond use. Now corrected, it has been refiled by Marylin Shannon, as Initiative 146, Cipro Tablet overseas. Cipro Tablet, The process described above is underway on 146, and it may well be too late to get to the people for signature and then to the Elections Division by the deadline, which is July 3rd.

    The likelihood is that we will have just enough time to get enough signatures for 145 on the ballot, but not 146.

    Again, they need about 83, Cipro Tablet us, 000 signatures to qualify - meaning they need to shoot for well over 100,000 to actually make it unless they have an incredibly clean list without many mistakes.

    If they do make it even just an attempt to repeal the anti-discrimination law then I predict a very nasty campaign from their side, the likes of which we haven't seen since the days of Lon Mabon. At the same time I do wonder how they will finance their anti-gay crusade, 150mg Cipro Tablet. It could easily cost millions if history is correct. Back in 2004 Basic Rights Oregon spent roughly 3 million dollars to fight Measure 36 and the opposition group is struggling to even get $25,000 and they are almost 7k in the hole.

    Oy vey. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday folks.

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    Does Clomid Change Your Cyle

    April 26, 2008 by Bryan · Leave a Comment 

    Could it be? Does Clomid Change Your Cyle, Shall we plan celebration parties already. Well not quite yet - but on the heels of Basic Rights Oregon appealing (to the Oregon Supreme Court) the language of two initiatives (IP 144 & IP 145) that would aim to repeal Oregon's newly enacted Domestic Partnership and Anti-Discrimination laws, and the possibility of the same thing happening to the third filed by anti-gays... they may be up shit creek, 750mg Does Clomid Change Your Cyle.

    Yesterday we talked about the group "Concerned Oregonians" who actually happens to be led by David Crowe who now resides in Tennessee. Make of that what you will. In any case - their desperate pleas for tens of thousands of dollars, even if answered, would still leave their anti-gay crusade in limbo, Does Clomid Change Your Cyle. Does Clomid Change Your Cyle us, And funny enough currently it looks as though they are in debt.

    Giving credit where credit is due.
    Basic Rights Oregon has proven once again that it will relentlessly fight these initiative attempts to strip families of their basic rights as citizens of this state. Thanks BRO. (ech hem - donate here)

    Credit should also be given to everyday Oregonians, Does Clomid Change Your Cyle paypal. Does Clomid Change Your Cyle, Oregonian's don't see this as a Measure 36 - and rightly so. They see this simply for what it is, workplace protections against blatant discrimination and as I said above, 50mg Does Clomid Change Your Cyle, the ability to legally provide and care for your family.

    No victory dance yet folks.
    Again, lets not get our hope up too high. But come July when anti-gay forces must turn in over 83, Does Clomid Change Your Cyle usa,000 valid signatures to qualify and they can't do it - I'll be the first cracking open that bottle of bubbly.

    Counting down the days.
    Just think, each and every day that this bigoted attempt to strip Oregon families and individuals of their basic human rights is delayed, that's just another day these folks cannot gather signatures.

    Appeal to Oregon Supreme Court Sparks Delay in Anti-Gay Plans


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    Is Cipro The Treatment For Diverticulitis

    April 26, 2008 by Bryan · 4 Comments 

    Sex and the City movie

    Is Cipro The Treatment For Diverticulitis, In just about a month (May 30) the Sex and the City movie will be in theaters. I for one cannot wait, 40mg Is Cipro The Treatment For Diverticulitis. Is Cipro The Treatment For Diverticulitis coupon, Take a look at this new trailer.

    . Is Cipro The Treatment For Diverticulitis mexico. Is Cipro The Treatment For Diverticulitis overseas. 200mg Is Cipro The Treatment For Diverticulitis.

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    Quick Forum Readtopic Cialis None Online

    April 24, 2008 by Bryan · Leave a Comment 

    Quick Forum Readtopic Cialis None Online, Basic Rights Oregon delivered today. They're taking the fight to the Oregon Supreme Court. Just Out is reporting that BRO may in fact be holding up the anti-gay initiatives by appealing to the OSC.

    Via JustOut:

    Basic Rights Oregon's legal representation - Margaret Olney, of Smith, Diamond and Olney, representing BRO's Jeana Frazzini and Frank Dixon - have just filed appeals to the state Supreme Court regarding Attorney General Hardy Myers' certified ballot titles for Initiatives 144 and 145, initiatives designed to repeal the Oregon Family Fairness Act and the Oregon Equality Act, respectively, 10mg Quick Forum Readtopic Cialis None Online, according to documents obtained from the Secretary of State Elections Divisions Office.

    According to state Elections Division compliance specialist Summer Davis, the Supreme Court could take "up to several months" to deliver an opinion on the appeals," depending on what other items "are on the Court's plate," though state law charges the Court to address the appeals "in an expeditious manner," although, she added: "Expeditious is not defined."

    This could prove to be a major setback for Concerned Oregonians, Quick Forum Readtopic Cialis None Online japan, the umbrella group organizing behind the repeal initiatives. In a recent email to supporters, the organization had said it was anticipating having petitions "printed and delivered to distribution sites hopefully by April 26th," though the current Supreme Court appeals could set their efforts back at least several weeks' time, if not longer - as petitions cannot be circulated until the Supreme Court's final judgment is delivered, Quick Forum Readtopic Cialis None Online. Locations of potential petition distribution sites and self-described "collection goals" are posted on the Concerned Oregonians website.

    Davis also said the Court was not required to take into consideration in its decision the final deadline by which the initiatives' sponsors were required to turn in their signatures: the deadline (82,769 valid signatures are required) is 5 pm on Thursday, July 3. “They’re under no obligation to issue their opinion or final judgment based on when signatures are due," Davis said.

    And in other news Amy Ruiz at the PDX Mercury had this to say on the anti-gay group "Concerned Oregonians" lack of funding. It sure seems like they have bigger concerns than just stripping away the rights of families. Quick Forum Readtopic Cialis None Online, They have no money. I have to question how far they will get if they were to get on the ballot, Quick Forum Readtopic Cialis None Online uk. It's going to be a multi-million dollar campaign and they are begging and pleading for a mere $50k.

    The campaign to repeal Oregon's new domestic partnership and anti-discrimination laws is in bigger trouble than I thought. For starters, though the groups involved only have until early July to gather up tens of thousands of signatures on each of the two initiatives, they haven't been cleared to start collecting signatures yet. Clock's ticking, as they say. Quick Forum Readtopic Cialis None Online australia, [...]

    Yep, the sky is falling in Concerned Oregon. It takes a lot of cash to fund a statewide signature gathering campaign, and they've only collected $4,385.00. The Concerned Oregonians PAC-which, according to their filing, exists to oppose the land use Measure 49-has $517.06 in the bank as of this writing, but enough outstanding accounts payable to put them in the hole by $6, Quick Forum Readtopic Cialis None Online craiglist,191.70.


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    Tetracycline For Urinary Tract Infections

    April 21, 2008 by Bryan · Leave a Comment 

    Tetracycline For Urinary Tract Infections, Check. Check and uhh - check, 1000mg Tetracycline For Urinary Tract Infections. Tetracycline For Urinary Tract Infections overseas, Here is the first national ad from the DNC.

    , Tetracycline For Urinary Tract Infections coupon. 20mg Tetracycline For Urinary Tract Infections. Tetracycline For Urinary Tract Infections mexico.

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    Buy Flagyl

    April 21, 2008 by Bryan · 1 Comment 

    Buy Flagyl, Shocking. Blue Oregon has the dirt on McCain's keynote address at a 1993 fundraiser for the Oregon Citizens Alliance (OCA) headed up by Lon Mabon. The OCA was responsible for numerous anti-gay ballot initiatives up until their last attempt in 2000. If you've lived in Oregon for any amount of time, you know the OCA and their hateful and often violent ways, 750mg Buy Flagyl.

    From Blue Oregon:

    It seems that the media is having a lot of fun these days digging up old acquaintances of presidential candidates, finding an objectionable comment, and then badgering the candidates into denouncing those folks.

    It doesn't seem to matter how tenuous the "relationship", how long ago it was, or anything, Buy Flagyl. 250mg Buy Flagyl, So, courtesy of Jeff Mapes (who has an excellent post about John McCain's temper), here's a little snippet from a long-ago Oregonian article.

    It seems that in 1993, John McCain was the keynote speaker at a fundraising banquet for the Oregon Citizens Alliance, 10mg Buy Flagyl, the notorious anti-gay organization that was causing all sorts of trouble in Oregon in the 1990s.

    McCain quickly got a first-hand flavor for the OCA. Marylin Shannon, Buy Flagyl uk, the vice chairwoman of the Oregon GOP, had a spot on the program to give an opening prayer. Buy Flagyl, In short order, she praised the Grants Pass woman accused of shooting an abortion doctor in Wichita and thanked the Lord ``for Lon Mabon and the vision you put in his heart.''

    Let's check that again. Marilyn Shannon praises a terrorist who shot a doctor while introducing John McCain, and not only does he stay, he stands up and gives a fundraising address for these terrorist-lovers, 200mg Buy Flagyl.

    Outrageous. Will John McCain do what he should have done 15 years ago - and denounce the domestic terrorists who shoot doctors who provide legal medical services.

    America is waiting.

    [via Blue Oregon].

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    Cipro For Sinus Infection

    April 18, 2008 by Bryan · Leave a Comment 

    Cipro For Sinus Infection, Ok boys and girls. Check out this new clothing line from Portland, Cipro For Sinus Infection usa. Cipro For Sinus Infection us, It's got hot and sexy written all over it.

    Urban Humanity Clothing, Cipro For Sinus Infection canada. Cipro For Sinus Infection mexico. 50mg Cipro For Sinus Infection.

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    Buying Generic Cialis

    April 17, 2008 by Bryan · Leave a Comment 

    Portland's very own Gossip Buying Generic Cialis, made an appearance on David Letterman last night. Beth Ditto, 30mg Buying Generic Cialis, Buying Generic Cialis ebay, Gossip's queer lead vocal can sure belt it out.

    Video below:

    Check them out on iTunes and hear the rest of their music, 20mg Buying Generic Cialis. Buying Generic Cialis australia, Hat tip to Stephen at JO. Buying Generic Cialis craiglist.

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    Is Cialis Safe For Women

    April 17, 2008 by Bryan · Leave a Comment 

    Is Cialis Safe For Women, I thought this was a joke when I saw it on another blog. Could it be that my high school in a little suburb of the Bay Area would really be putting up an exhibit of gay athletes. That's huge. You see the school is located in Danville, CA. About 40 minutes outside of San Francisco. It's a place with a lot of money and sometimes, but not always that can breed conservatives, Is Cialis Safe For Women. This should be interesting to hear about the reaction, 40mg Is Cialis Safe For Women. Time to call mom and dad.

    And wait - they're also having gay pride week. Lord have things changed. Is Cialis Safe For Women, This makes me feel old and I graduated less than 8 years ago.

    DANVILLE - Students at San Ramon Valley High School are ready to teach their classmates and the community that saying something is "so gay" is so uncool.

    Members of the school's Gay-Straight Alliance, Is Cialis Safe For Women overseas, which has been on campus for about 10 years, have designated this week Gay Pride Week on campus.

    Students will be spreading awareness during the week about accepting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

    As co-presidents of the Gay-Straight Alliance, seniors Nick Pittarides, 150mg Is Cialis Safe For Women, 17, and Sammy Brenner, 18, have been passing out rainbow ribbons on campus, telling classmates about National Day of Silence and preparing for this weekend's photography exhibit. Is Cialis Safe For Women india, Photographer Jeff Sheng, a lecturer at the University of California, Santa Barbara, is bringing his "Fearless" exhibit to San Ramon Valley High School to encourage people to open their eyes and minds to people who are gay.
    Pittarides found Sheng's artwork online and saw the exhibit had visited many colleges across the country, including Yale and Columbia universities.

    The nearly 100 photos in the exhibit are all of athletes - mostly college students with a few high school students - who are openly gay, Is Cialis Safe For Women japan. By having athletes in the photos, Pittarides said, sends the message that homosexuality is just one part of someone.


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    Colchicine 0.6 Tablet Photo

    April 15, 2008 by Bryan · Leave a Comment 

    Colchicine 0.6 Tablet Photo, Last week California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger came out and came out strong against an anti-marriage equality initiative currently in the works in California. Colchicine 0.6 Tablet Photo us, His strong opposition to the anti-marriage initiative surprised many of us as he vetoed two marriage equality bills within the last two years. Here's the video in case you missed it. More about a possible victory in the Supreme Court after the jump, Colchicine 0.6 Tablet Photo japan.

    Today, there are rumors that a source close to the CA Supreme Court said something like this:

    Sources wishing to remain anonymous in the California Court System indicate that the court, which has until June 2, 2008 to issue it's marriage ruling, is considering issuing it on Friday, May 23, 2008, with the decision being written by Chief Justice Ronald George, Colchicine 0.6 Tablet Photo. The Court is readying itself for a backlash that may follow the rumored and bold decision. 30mg Colchicine 0.6 Tablet Photo, There is talk that the Court will not simply strike down Proposition 22, but will move the State of California toward full marriage, if not even granting full marriage rights for gays and lesbians outright, 250mg Colchicine 0.6 Tablet Photo.

    Obviously aware of what's coming, 50mg Colchicine 0.6 Tablet Photo, Gov. Schwarzenegger came out swinging against the FRC's proposed amendment...

    While little can be said about the credibility of the 'source' - it does give fair-minded Americans hope for equality for all. It's crazy to think back to my senior year of high school (in 2000) while living in the Bay Area and Prop. 22 passed.

    Maybe there is hope. Stay tuned.

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