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Sulfate Retin A

July 8, 2008 by Bryan 

Charlie Crist Sulfate Retin A, Charlie Crist, Florida's Republican Governor and possible running mate to McCain could be in some hot water. Touted by the party as a 'family values' man, Sulfate Retin A australia, this 'once married for a year in college' and as of the 4th of July, engaged, he's got some baggage that he may not be able to escape from.., 200mg Sulfate Retin A. and it's not straight baggage - it's more like Louis Vuitton if you know what I mean. Sulfate Retin A paypal, Video after the jump.

The video below from a news show in Florida details some quite queer details in the personal life of Florida's Governor Crist. A relationship with a 21-year old staffer, a cover up in the Mark Foley scandal and a possible former lover who has been in big trouble with the law, Sulfate Retin A. All this and McCain still thinks he'd be a great choice for VP, 250mg Sulfate Retin A. Whew. 40mg Sulfate Retin A, Bring it on.



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One Response to “Sulfate Retin A”

  1. Andy on July 9th, 2008 7:28 am

    For what it’s worth, that video is over two years old, since they refer to Crist as a candidate for Governor; he replaced Jeb Bush in 2007. So, if this was out there during Crist’s gubernatorial run (MAN I love that word “gubernatorial”!) and he survived it, it’s probably of less than minimal impact now.

    And frankly, I think this kind of rumor mongering belongs in the same wastebasket as the legendary Michelle Obama “whitey” tape. Yes, sexual hypocrisy among social conservatives provides endless entertainment and when there’s a real scandal – a la Mark Foley – we should happily let it play out. But trafficking in unsubstantiated rumors about a candidate’s personal life…isn’t that the kind of stomach-churning bullshit politics we’d all like to get away from? Can’t we take the high road? Can’t we talk about something of actual relevance to the American people? Can’t we I can’t write anymore I’m too distracted/inspired by the Urban Humanity underwear model in the right hand column. Damn.

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