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Zithromax Non Perscription

December 31, 2008 by Bryan · 2 Comments 

Zithromax Non Perscription, Wow. Well Happy New Year. This is pretty huge, Zithromax Non Perscription coupon, sadly it remedies one of the over 1200 rights, privileges and responsibilities that come with marriage rights at the federal level. It's a step though.

Call it a Christmas present for gay and lesbian couples, Zithromax Non Perscription mexico. President Bush signed the Worker, Retiree and Employer Recovery Act of 2008 (WRERA) two days before Christmas, Zithromax Non Perscription. The new law makes it mandatory for businesses to roll over retirement benefits to a same-sex partner in the event of the employee’s death.

Previously, Zithromax Non Perscription japan, employers could decline and surviving same-sex partners would have to pay tax on the inheritance of the deceased partner’s retirement savings. Legally married heterosexual couples automatically avoid that tax penalty.

National LGBT rights groups hailed the move. “This legislation secures much-needed protection for lesbian and gay couples, 20mg Zithromax Non Perscription,” said Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese. “Our community faces unique challenges in preparing for retirement because we are denied Social Security spousal and survivor benefits. Zithromax Non Perscription india, Protecting our hard-earned retirement savings is even more crucial to us, and until now, the tax code made it that much harder.”

via Minnesota Independent.

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Zithromax Z-max Dose

December 30, 2008 by Bryan · Leave a Comment 

Zithromax Z-max Dose, he American Civil Liberties Union today filed a lawsuit seeking to strike down a new law that bans any unmarried person who lives with a partner from serving as an adoptive or foster parent in the state of Arkansas.

At a press conference at the Arkansas State Capitol this morning, several of the plaintiffs described how Act 1, which is set to go into effect on January 1, Zithromax Z-max Dose canada, impacts their families and why they decided to be part of the case.

Stephanie Huffman, who already adopted one child from the state in 2004, was one of the plaintiffs who spoke at today’s press conference. Huffman and her partner of 10 years, 100mg Zithromax Z-max Dose, Wendy Rickman, want to adopt another child or a pair of siblings through the Department of Children and Family Services, but now can’t because of Act 1. Zithromax Z-max Dose usa, “The state already knows we’re good enough parents that they placed one child with us before Act 1 passed,” said Huffman. “Who knows how many children are now cut off by this law from loving homes?”

In the lawsuit filed today, the ACLU argues that Act 1 violates the federal and state constitutional rights to equal protection and due process, Zithromax Z-max Dose. Participating in the case are 29 adults and children from over a dozen different families, including a grandmother who lives with her same-sex partner of nine years and is the only relative able and willing to adopt her grandchild who is now in Arkansas state care, several married heterosexual couples who have relatives or friends disqualified by Act 1 who they want to adopt their children if they die, 500mg Zithromax Z-max Dose, and a heterosexual woman who wants to be a foster or adoptive parent but can’t because she lives with her partner of five years. The complaint was filed this morning in Pulaski County Circuit Court.

“Ever since the election, Zithromax Z-max Dose mexico, we’ve been hearing from all corners of the state from dozens of families who are panicking about how Act 1 impacts them,” said Rita Sklar, Executive Director of the ACLU of Arkansas. “This law hurts families and children in many ways – it takes away parents’ right to decide for themselves who will adopt their children if they die, it denies the many children in Arkansas state care a chance at the largest possible pool of potential foster and adoptive homes, and denies couples who are living together but unmarried the chance to provide loving homes to children who desperately need them."

via ACLU.

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Zithromax Food Absorption Blood

December 29, 2008 by Bryan · 1 Comment 

Zithromax Food Absorption Blood, "State Rep. Jim Splaine, D-Portsmouth, submitted a bill asking that civil unions, Zithromax Food Absorption Blood uk, which are currently recognized by the state, be changed to allow marriage. State Rep. Paul McEachern, D-Portsmouth, Zithromax Food Absorption Blood india, is co-sponsoring the bill. 'The bill would essentially provide for full marriage equality,' Splaine said. 'I submitted the bill because I think it's important that we keep this dialogue going.' Splaine said the bill will be presented on Jan, Zithromax Food Absorption Blood. Zithromax Food Absorption Blood coupon, 7 along with the other bills introduced for the session. He said then it will be scheduled for a public hearing or sent to a committee. Splaine said that although civil unions are recognized in New Hampshire, gay marriage is not. He said a bill introduced by state Rep, 1000mg Zithromax Food Absorption Blood. David Hess, R-Hooksett, would prohibit New Hampshire from recognizing gay marriages performed in other states as civil unions here. 20mg Zithromax Food Absorption Blood, 'I introduced — in 2006 — a civil union bill and a lot of people thought it was not a good time, but it passed in 2007,' he said. 'I offered an amendment to add full equality for marriage, and that didn't pass. This is my second try at getting full marriage equality.' Splaine said he thinks gay marriage will pass in the state eventually."

Via Seacoast Online.

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Q Online Cialis

December 29, 2008 by Bryan · 1 Comment 

Q Online Cialis, The Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret News have pulled a full page ad placed by Utah businessman, Bruce Palenske, that criticized the Mormon Church over its role in funding Proposition 8, a measure that bans gay marriage in California.

"We have a signed contract, and the newspapers had already accepted payment for the ad when it was pulled literally 5 minutes before the production deadline, Q Online Cialis us," said Palenske. 150mg Q Online Cialis, "This is clearly political," Palenske continued. "I've placed millions of dollars worth of ads with these two papers over the years, 40mg Q Online Cialis, and this is the first time something like this has ever happened. 50mg Q Online Cialis, I can't help but think that the LDS came in and put the brakes on this."

The ads, which were scheduled to run on Dec. 28, 250mg Q Online Cialis, had previously run in the Park City Record. They point out that approximately 70 percent of the funding for Prop 8 -- more than $25 million -- came through the efforts of the LDS Church, and asks people to contact the Internal Revenue Service to lodge a complaint.

You can view the ad that was supposed to run here.

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Acomplia Dose

December 19, 2008 by Bryan · 3 Comments 

Jerry Brown California Attorney General Acomplia Dose, State Attorney General Jerry Brown, in a surprise turnabout, asked the California Supreme Court on Friday to overturn Proposition 8, saying the voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage violates basic rights guaranteed in the state Constitution.

Brown, who is required to defend state laws unless he cannot find reasonable legal grounds to do so, said after Prop. 8 passed Nov. 4 that he would support the initiative before the state's high court.

But in a lengthy filing late Friday, he argued that the measure was "inconsistent with the guarantees of individual liberty" in California's governing charter.

"Proposition 8 must be invalidated because the amendment process cannot be used to extinguish fundamental constitutional rights without compelling justification, 200mg Acomplia Dose," Brown said.

The authors of the state Constitution, he said, did not intend "to put a group's right to enjoy liberty to a popular vote."

Hours earlier, sponsors of Prop, Acomplia Dose. 8 filed arguments asking the court to uphold the ballot measure, which passed with a 52 percent majority. Andrew Pugno, attorney for the Yes on 8 campaign, said he was disappointed by Brown's stance. 10mg Acomplia Dose, "It's unfortunate that the attorney general would not do his duty to defend the will of the voters," Pugno said.

The position of the attorney general, the state's top lawyer, ordinarily carries considerable weight with the court. Acomplia Dose, Brown's office was on the losing side, however, when the court overturned California's previous ban on same-sex marriage in May.

Asked about his change of position, Brown said Friday evening that since his initial comments the day after the election, he and senior lawyers in his office have looked closely at the court's precedents and at the recent marriage ruling and concluded they couldn't defend Prop, Acomplia Dose ebay. 8.

"We have a conflict between the amendment power (through voter initiatives) and the duty of the Supreme Court to protect minorities and safeguard liberty," Brown said.

Fundamental rights in the state Constitution, including the right to marry that the state's high court has recognized, "become a dead letter if they can just be amended" by popular vote, Acomplia Dose craiglist, Brown said.

Read the rest over at The SF Chronicle

Equality California had this to say:

Today Attorney General Jerry Brown filed his brief with the California Supreme Court arguing that Proposition 8 should be invalidated.

His position demonstrates that he is a leader of courage and conviction.

We are very pleased that upon review of the law, he has moved from his previous statements that he would defend Prop 8.

As the state's highest attorney, Jerry Brown has done his job today to defend the Constitution and protect the rights of minority groups, including the more than 18, Acomplia Dose japan,000 same-sex couples who married in California.


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Feline Dose Of Tetracycline

December 18, 2008 by Bryan · 3 Comments 

Feline Dose Of Tetracycline, LGBT groups have begun efforts to put a repeal of Proposition 8 on the 2010 ballot.

Prop 8, passed by voters in November, bars same-sex marriage in California. The constitutionality of the measure will be taken up by the state Supreme Court in 2009, Feline Dose Of Tetracycline paypal, but LGBT groups say they are taking no chances on how the court will rule and have begun making plans for a ballot measure that would reverse the ban.
One group announced Wednesday that it will air five 30-second commercials to run throughout Inauguration Week in January.

The group,, said the spots will run in both urban and rural markets throughout California. They are currently being previewed on the group’s Web site, Feline Dose Of Tetracycline.

“It’s important that our fellow Californians see the faces of the real families that are directly affected by the passage of Proposition 8, Feline Dose Of Tetracycline australia,” said John Ireland, the group’s organizer.

One of the spots in the campaign will feature Sonia and Gina, a couple who are raising a son and daughter, 750mg Feline Dose Of Tetracycline, ages 6 and 3.

“Don’t take my family’s rights away. Get to know me first,” Sonia says in the ad. Feline Dose Of Tetracycline, “Our families may look different from yours, but we’re not. We need the same things… like marriage… so we can protect and provide for our kids.”

Another spot will feature Robin Tyler and Diane Olson, two of the original plaintiffs in the marriage lawsuit that led the California Supreme Court to legalize marriage for same-sex couples in May 2008, 30mg Feline Dose Of Tetracycline. That ruling was overturned by the passage of Proposition 8 in November.

Two of the ads will also be in Spanish. One profiles a Latina couple and the other profiles a family with triplets, headed by two men.

The spots were financed and produced by Power Up, an award-winning LGBT cinema incubator based in Los Angeles, Feline Dose Of Tetracycline. Feline Dose Of Tetracycline overseas, The final results of the November election were certified this week, showing that Prop 8 won by 599,602 votes. The results showed that the 52-48 percentage point spread held from early results on election night. It was approved in 43 of the state’s 58 counties.

via 365gay.

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Prozac Calming Effect

December 18, 2008 by Bryan · Leave a Comment 

Prozac Calming Effect, I've got to say that living here in Portland, Oregon we're pretty blessed to be a part of this uber progressive and very fair-minded community. Sure it may rain a lot and we've even been snowed in a couple days this week (which is quite rare), 1000mg Prozac Calming Effect, but this city is amazing.

Making it even more amazing are many of our elected officials. I wanted to share this holiday video from County Commissioner Jeff Cogen, Prozac Calming Effect uk. Jeff's a straight ally who has never wavered in his shared vision for equality for all. When Oregon's Domestic Partnership bill went into effect, Cogen and his staff all became notary publics so that they could be down at the Multnomah County building assisting in the process for gay and lesbian couples, Prozac Calming Effect. 10mg Prozac Calming Effect, Here's his holiday video peppered with gay couples (scroll to 2:25 in the video below). And to Jeff and his beautiful staff, happy holidays, Prozac Calming Effect coupon. Especially to the one and only Karol C. 40mg Prozac Calming Effect, If you don't live in Portland -- this is a part of what makes it such a great place to live.


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Acne Scars Retin-a

December 18, 2008 by Bryan · 5 Comments 

Rick Warren Acne Scars Retin-a, There's no excuse for choosing Rick Warren to give the invocation at the inauguration. A long time foe of gay rights and a major back of Proposition 8, what the hell is Obama thinking.

After reading the below article, please take action here.
Via CBS News:
President-elect Barack Obama's announcement Wednesday that Pastor Dr. Rick Warren will give the invocation at the inauguration has set off a firestorm of criticism from liberal and gay rights activists.

Warren is the best-selling author of The Purpose Driven Life and other books, as well as the pastor of the Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif, Acne Scars Retin-a. He is known as a "new evangelical" who stresses issues like poverty and climate change alongside other traditional conservative Christian issues. He also hosted a forum at his church in August with both Mr. Acne Scars Retin-a ebay, Obama and Republican Sen. John McCain. Acne Scars Retin-a, His selection by Mr. Obama further cements his place as one of the nation's preeminent religious leaders and also is seen as a clear sign to reach out to evangelical and conservative voters who didn't support him in last month's election.

But it is Warren's strong opposition to abortion and particularly gay marriage which has many on the left up in arms over him being given such a prominent role in the inauguration.

The Human Rights Campaign, the largest homosexual rights organization in the U.S., sent a strident letter to Mr. Obama, urging him to reconsider and calling the invitation "a genuine blow."

"By inviting Rick Warren to your inauguration, you have tarnished the view that gay, 30mg Acne Scars Retin-a, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans have a place at your table," says the letter by Joe Solmonese, president of the group. "We feel a deep level of disrespect when one of the architects and promoters of an anti-gay agenda is given the prominence and the pulpit of your historic nomination."

The letter takes particular issue with Warren's support of Proposition 8 in California, which banned gay marriage and also tries to tie Warren to Dr, Acne Scars Retin-a. James Dobson, chairman of Focus on the Family and a vocal leader in the social conservative community.

"Rev. Warren cannot name a single theological issue that he and vehemently, 50mg Acne Scars Retin-a, anti-gay theologian James Dobson disagree on," Solmonese says. (You can read the full letter here)

"It’s a huge mistake," California gay rights activist Rick Jacobs told the Politico. Acne Scars Retin-a, "Can you imagine if he had a man of God doing the invocation who had deliberately said that Jews are not going to be saved and therefore should be excluded from what’s going on in America. People would be up in arms."

Gay rights groups were not the only ones on the left opposed to Warren's inclusion in the inauguration.

Kathryn Kolbert, president of the liberal group People For the American Way, called giving Warren this honor a "grave disappointment"

"The sad truth is that this decision further elevates someone who has in recent weeks actively promoted legalized discrimination and denigrated the lives and relationships of millions of Americans," Kolbert said. (Read the full statement.)

In The Nation, Acne Scars Retin-a canada, Sarah Posner wrote the following: "Obama had thousands of clergy to choose from, and the choice of Warren is not only a slap in the face to progressive ministers toiling on the front lines of advocacy and service but a bow to the continuing influence of the religious right in American politics."

"Warren represents the absolute worst of the Democrats' religious outreach, a right-winger masquerading as a do-gooder anointed as the arbiter of what it means to be faithful," she added. (Read the full column.)

Mr. Obama himself responded to the growing controversy when prompted by a question during a news conference today designed to announce a trio of financial regulators, Acne Scars Retin-a. The president-elect stressed that he is a "fierce advocate for equality for gay and lesbian Americans," but said it was also important for Americans to come together despite disagreements on social issues.

Mr. 250mg Acne Scars Retin-a, Obama said the inauguration would include people with a wide variety of viewpoints represented and "that's how it should be."

He also pointed out that he was invited by Warren a few years ago to speak at his church, despite his disagreement with Warren on those issues. "That dialogue is part of what my campaign has been about," he added.

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Antibiotic Cipro Ingredients

December 15, 2008 by Bryan · 2 Comments 

Have you seen Milk yet? Antibiotic Cipro Ingredients, If you did what were your thoughts. Were you inspired, 750mg Antibiotic Cipro Ingredients. Antibiotic Cipro Ingredients japan, If you haven't seen it are you planning on it. Leave thoughts in the comments section below, 20mg Antibiotic Cipro Ingredients. Antibiotic Cipro Ingredients mexico, . Antibiotic Cipro Ingredients india.

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Colchicine Excercise

December 15, 2008 by Bryan · Leave a Comment 

Colchicine Excercise, An Ecuadorean immigrant viciously beaten by men who yelled anti-Hispanic and anti-gay slurs at him and his brother has died, nearly a week after the attack, a family spokesman said Saturday.

Jose Sucuzhanay died late Friday at Elmurst Hospital as his mother was en route from Ecuador to see him, spokesman Francisco Moya said. Sucuzhanay, a 31-year-old real estate broker, had been listed in critical condition since the assault early on Dec, Colchicine Excercise usa. 7.

Police were searching for three suspects in the attack, which has outraged the City Council speaker and other political leaders. The New York Police Department’s hate crime task force is investigating what prosecutors have called an appalling eruption of bigotry, Colchicine Excercise.

Sucuzhanay (suh-KOO-chen-eye) and his brother Romel, Colchicine Excercise craiglist, 38, were walking arm-in-arm after a night out when a sport utility vehicle pulled up near them at a Brooklyn stoplight, police said.
Witnesses said they heard the men in the car shouting anti-gay and anti-Hispanic slurs at the brothers. The attackers jumped out of the car and smashed a beer bottle over Jose Sucuzhanay’s head, hit him in the head with an aluminum baseball bat and kicked him, 150mg Colchicine Excercise, police said. Romel Sucuzhanay was able to get away; the attackers drove off after he returned and said he had called police, authorities said. Colchicine Excercise, A third brother, Diego Sucuzhanay, said he was “at a loss beyond words” after his brother’s death.
“This is a wake-up call and shows how far we still must come to address the devastating problem of hate crimes in our communities, 500mg Colchicine Excercise, ” he said in a statement.

Family members and advocates planned a press conference Sunday to urge authorities to find the assailants.

“You never think that this is something that you’d see here,” Moya said. “He was a hardworking, successful businessman who cared a lot for his family and the people who worked for him.., 200mg Colchicine Excercise. (and was) targeted for just the way he looks.”.

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