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    Zithromax Sun Exposure Drug

    January 30, 2009 by Bryan · Leave a Comment 

    Zithromax Sun Exposure Drug, Washington, a state that currently has a very limited Domestic Partnership law, seeks to expand DP's into something closer to the likes of Oregon's Domestic Partnership law. This means a large expansion of the rights, 20mg Zithromax Sun Exposure Drug, Zithromax Sun Exposure Drug mexico, privileges and responsibilities afforded to committed gay and lesbian couples.

    Lawmakers announced a move they hope leads to another milestone for them: the expansion of the state's domestic partnership law to offer same-sex couples all the rights and benefits given to heterosexual married couples, 150mg Zithromax Sun Exposure Drug. 250mg Zithromax Sun Exposure Drug, The 110-page bill makes changes to all remaining areas of state law where currently only married couples are addressed. The bill would add same-sex domestic partners to state statutes ranging from labor and employment to pensions and other public employee benefits.

    For more - go here, 500mg Zithromax Sun Exposure Drug.

    The domestic partnership bills are Senate Bill 5688 and House Bill 1727.

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    Antibiotic Cipro And Flagyl

    January 30, 2009 by Bryan · Leave a Comment 

    Antibiotic Cipro And Flagyl, Hopefully just one of the many losses to come.

    A federal judge denied a request Thursday to keep secret the names of donors to California’s anti-gay marriage initiative, saying the public had a right to know who gave money to state ballot measures.

    Supporters of the Proposition 8 initiative, Antibiotic Cipro And Flagyl us, which overturned a state Supreme Court ruling that allowed gay marriage, had sought a preliminary injunction to remove the identities of those who contributed to their campaign from the secretary of state’s Web site. The initiative was approved by voters in November.

    They also had asked U.S. District Judge Morrison England Jr, Antibiotic Cipro And Flagyl. to block the Monday release of the names of donors who either gave money two weeks before the election or shortly afterward, 20mg Antibiotic Cipro And Flagyl. Those names will be publicly released in postelection campaign finance reports.

    But the judge sided with the state, saying that California’s campaign disclosure laws were intended to protect the public and were especially important during expensive initiative campaigns. Antibiotic Cipro And Flagyl overseas, “If there ever needs to be sunshine on a political issue, it is with a ballot measure,” England said.

    He said many campaign committees have vague names that obscure their intent, and the public would have no way of knowing who was behind the campaigns unless they could see who was giving money, Antibiotic Cipro And Flagyl japan.

    Supporters of the ban on gay marriage said public disclosure of their financial supporters had put the donors at risk of personal harassment or boycotts to their businesses.

    Frank Schubert, co-manager of the Yes on 8 campaign, 150mg Antibiotic Cipro And Flagyl, said another 1,600 people would be put at risk with the release of the reports.

    Cry me a river people..

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    Prozac And Diflucan

    January 27, 2009 by Bryan · 2 Comments 

    Prozac And Diflucan, Move over Mayor Adams. According to Scotsman and IT Examiner, Prozac And Diflucan india, Indian mothers are hiring private detectives to 'seduce' potential son-in-laws with SMS and email messages. Though it may not be for the reason you would think...

    They don't care whether he flirts with strange women, 30mg Prozac And Diflucan, but are testing to find out he is not gay. Prozac And Diflucan ebay, Detective agencies in India are reporting a sharp rise in requests to check out the sexuality of prospective grooms. Homosexuality is illegal in India and the Government recently described it as a disease, Prozac And Diflucan.

    Apparently, the best answer is to set a honey trap for potential grooms using mobile phones and SMS messages to hook the man, 200mg Prozac And Diflucan. If it is clear that he has become interested, 100mg Prozac And Diflucan, a final meeting will tell if he is gay or straight or not. Via Textually.

    I say good for the mother-in-laws. Although on the other side of that it's quite sad that these men aren't able to be themselves due to the societal pressures in their country.

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    Flagyl 250mg 5ml Suspension

    January 27, 2009 by Bryan · Leave a Comment 

    Flagyl 250mg 5ml Suspension, Earlier this month, the Yes on Proposition 8 campaign asked a federal court to conceal the names of donors, saying the reports have led to the "harassment of contributors".

    California Attorney General Ed Brown says that hiding the names of contributors to the Yes on Proposition 8 campaign would be a violation of freedom of information.

    In a legal brief filed with the court, Flagyl 250mg 5ml Suspension usa, Brown says the court should deny the group’s request. 1000mg Flagyl 250mg 5ml Suspension, "Political democracy demands open debate, including prompt disclosure of the identities of campaign donors," Brown said, 40mg Flagyl 250mg 5ml Suspension. "Backers of Proposition 8 should not be allowed to carve out a special privilege of anonymity for themselves alone."

    "There is no risk that disclosure of donors will harm their ability to organize or otherwise pursue their political views, Flagyl 250mg 5ml Suspension craiglist, " Brown said.

    "Additionally, there is no justification to shield donors from post-election reporting requirements, 750mg Flagyl 250mg 5ml Suspension. Rather, these requirements help to prevent kickbacks, laundering, and other improper uses of campaign funds."

    Read the rest over at 365gay.

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    Flagyl Canine Medication

    January 25, 2009 by Bryan · 1 Comment 

    Flagyl Canine Medication, Mayor Sam Adams just released this video (in fact it's still processing as I write this). Here is his video message to Portlanders, as well as his written message. I've got to say after watching it you can tell he's had a rough couple of days.

    Sam Returns to City Hall from The Office on Vimeo.

    Dear Portlanders, Flagyl Canine Medication paypal, Tomorrow, I go back to work as your mayor. I know I have made big mistakes, Flagyl Canine Medication. I know I have let you down. And I ask for your forgiveness.

    I believe I still have a very positive contribution to make -- to put to work the 20 years of public service to the good of Portland. And as I do this, I pledge to you: I will work harder than I have ever worked before to make sure Portland meets our challenges, Flagyl Canine Medication canada. Flagyl Canine Medication, These are some of the toughest times we've ever faced. The worst recession in 60 years, one of the highest national unemployment rates, some of the toughest business landscape we've ever seen.

    Now, rightfully, Flagyl Canine Medication mexico, I know Portlanders are not going to rely on my words, and will look to my ability to deliver results to them in the coming months. Like working with my colleagues to prioritize city spending to protect the most viable public services, like public safety. Like implementing the half-a-billion dollar economic stimulus package that puts Portlanders back to work at good-paying jobs. Like improving our schools, Flagyl Canine Medication. Like making sure that as the green economy unfolds that Portland is at its hub.

    And as we do this work together, 50mg Flagyl Canine Medication, with the lessons that I've learned in hand, I will work each and every day to restore your trust and faith in me as a public servant.

    I want to thank everyone who has sent me letters and texts and emails of support. I want to thank everyone who has sent me questions and who have, rightfully, Flagyl Canine Medication australia, sent me criticisms. I look forward to working with all of you to make sure that Portland moves forward.

    Thank you,

    Expect another shit storm of media attention tomorrow.

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    Cipro And Protein In Urine

    January 25, 2009 by Bryan · Leave a Comment 

    Cipro And Protein In Urine, Looks like our mayor is going to remain our mayor. In the below statement he makes it clear that he has no intentions of resigning.

    I'm simply reporting the news here and have been out of town all weekend -- I'm just now getting caught up on the new details of this story and beginning to think that Portland is on some reality show or something. 'Lolita' the dog. Cipro And Protein In Urine coupon, Bathroom at City Hall. 17, Cipro And Protein In Urine. I mean come on.

    In any case, here it is from Sam Adams. A video (Update - watch the video here) is coming shortly, Cipro And Protein In Urine uk.

    PORTLAND, OR — Today Mayor Sam Adams released the following statement:

    Tomorrow, I go back work as your mayor. Cipro And Protein In Urine, I know I have let you down and made mistakes. 250mg Cipro And Protein In Urine, I ask your forgiveness. I believe I have a lot to offer the city I love during this time of important challenges.

    Beginning tomorrow morning, I will be back in my office doing the work that the last 20 years of public service have prepared me for. And my pledge to you is this: I will work harder than I ever have in my life to meet the challenges facing our great city, 10mg Cipro And Protein In Urine. Tough economic times are creating record unemployment, strained city services, and the worst financial landscape for businesses since the Great Depression, Cipro And Protein In Urine.

    In the coming weeks and months, Portlanders will rightfully judge me not by my words, but by my ability to deliver results for them:
    · To prioritize city spending to protect vital services such as public safety;
    · To deliver on the 500 million dollar economic stimulus strategy to put Portlanders back to work;
    · To improve our schools; and
    · To continue to position Portland as the hub of this nation’s green economy;

    As we push ahead together on these issues, 500mg Cipro And Protein In Urine, each and every day – with lessons learned in hand – I will strive to regain your trust and faith in my ability to serve this city.

    Thank you.

    There you have it. Comments are closed on this post. Tomorrow we'll have a new post and you can yell at us, agree with us, hate us or love us then.

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    Buy Clomid Without Perscription

    January 23, 2009 by Bryan · 3 Comments 

    Buy Clomid Without Perscription, This just in from Thomas Lauderale, lead of Pink Martini and friend of Mayor Sam Adams:

    We are happy to report tonight that Sam Adams is regaining his confidence and is determined to stay in office. Throughout the day, I have received emails of support and encouragement by nearly 100 of you -- from Academy Award nominee-Gus Van Sant to First Lady of Oregon Mary Oberst, 20mg Buy Clomid Without Perscription.

    We are now going forward with our press conference, 40mg Buy Clomid Without Perscription, to be held today (Friday) @ noon @ City Hall on the SW 4th Avenue side. Not to be confused with the rally of support @ 5:30pm, this press conference will feature community leaders and elected officials with the important message that there is a lot of work to do in our city, Buy Clomid Without Perscription mexico, that we should remain calm and not rashly cry out for the mayor's resignation. 50mg Buy Clomid Without Perscription, This press conference will also be an opportunity for people to express their personal support for Mayor Adams should they choose. At the very least, we must remain unified in our support for the agenda set forth by the Mayor, 100mg Buy Clomid Without Perscription.


    Now is the hour.

    This is some great news. Rise up Sam. It's time to get to work.

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    Typical Amoxicillin Doses

    January 22, 2009 by Bryan · 16 Comments 

    Typical Amoxicillin Doses, In my quest to find the right words, and even more frankly the time to sum everything up, I got an email from a friend of mine who summed it up perfectly.

    Here it is in Marc Acito's own words:





    , Typical Amoxicillin Doses canada. 150mg Typical Amoxicillin Doses. Typical Amoxicillin Doses australia. 1000mg Typical Amoxicillin Doses. Typical Amoxicillin Doses paypal.

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    Can I Take Ginseng And Synthroid

    January 22, 2009 by Bryan · 4 Comments 

    Can I Take Ginseng And Synthroid, Milk is among the leading Oscar nominees in major categories with 8 nominations. Amazing, 500mg Can I Take Ginseng And Synthroid, Can I Take Ginseng And Synthroid overseas, but not surprising. A truly amazing film that deserves all of these, 250mg Can I Take Ginseng And Synthroid. Can I Take Ginseng And Synthroid us, BEST MOTION PICTURE OF THE YEAR
    BEST ORIGINAL SCORE – Danny Elfman

    If you have yet to see this film, it is a must, Can I Take Ginseng And Synthroid usa. Here's the trailer again:


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    Flagyl Babies

    January 22, 2009 by Bryan · Leave a Comment 

    Flagyl Babies, Just an FYI. In Portland that is 91.5 fm, 200mg Flagyl Babies. Flagyl Babies uk, I believe that you can also listen online and even call in with your thoughts.

    [UPDATE] It went quite well, Flagyl Babies craiglist, Flagyl Babies india, although the hour could have been more like 8 hours. I'll post a link to the full segment as soon as they have it up on their website, Flagyl Babies ebay. Thank you OPB.

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