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    Zithromax Foodborne Illness

    August 20, 2009 by Editor · 1 Comment 

    portland-oregon Zithromax Foodborne Illness, Clipboard in hand, Ernesto Dominguez, 21, rings the doorbell of a modest home in a Portland suburb. A 77-year-old woman in sweatpants appears and Dominguez politely asks, "Do you think committed same-sex couples should get the full rights of marriage?" The woman launches into a supportive rant. "This is supposed to be a free country and it's getting to where [the government] dictates everything!" she says. Zithromax Foodborne Illness craiglist, "I say let 'em do whatever they want!"

    During the past eight weeks, same-sex marriage advocates like Dominguez have knocked on 17,000 doors around the state. Unlike most political campaigns, the volunteers and handful of paid workers turned out by Basic Rights Oregon (BRO) and youth voting group the Oregon Bus Project are not aiming to get money or convince voters to support a specific ballot measure, Zithromax Foodborne Illness paypal. Instead, as their Marriage Matters campaign aims to put same-sex marriage on the ballot as soon as 2012, the groups are trying to spark conversation with a random sample of voters, Zithromax Foodborne Illness. The first weeks of a three-year campaign in Oregon are gauging opinion on same-sex marriage while trying to win hearts and minds.

    In 2004, 57 percent of Oregonians voted in favor of Measure 36, Zithromax Foodborne Illness overseas, a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman. BRO challenged the ban in court, but unlike in Iowa, the state courts came down against the LGBT cause. To overturn the constitutional amendment and legalize same-sex marriage, Zithromax Foodborne Illness coupon, BRO has to get its own statewide measure on the ballot.

    That, says BRO Organizing Director Thomas Wheatley, 150mg Zithromax Foodborne Illness, means a massive campaign with years of groundwork. While BRO spent $56,000 lobbying state legislators in the first three months of this year, now they're focusing on regular Oregonians.

    Read the entire article over at the Portland Mercury.

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    Generic Cipro

    August 18, 2009 by Editor · 2 Comments 

    Generic Cipro, This morning we got some juicy news. News that excites us to no end. Our friend and longtime friend and advocate for the GLBT community is looking at throwing her hat in the ring to take the soon to be open Oregon Senate seat (District 22), 250mg Generic Cipro.

    Via Blue Oregon:

    Blue Oregon editor (and Staff Assistant to Multnomah County Commish Jeff Cogen) Karol Collymore is considering adding her name to the list of those to be considered to replace retiring State Senator Margaret Carter. 1000mg Generic Cipro, Carter is resigning in order to take a newly-created post as deputy director of the Department of Human Services.

    Collymore, 31, Generic Cipro us, has worked for Commissioner Cogen since January of 2007. Generic Cipro japan, She has previously worked with NARAL, Basic Rights Oregon, and as a fundraiser for Supreme Ct Judge Virgina Linder.

    For those of you lucky enough to have had to opportunity to get to know her, 200mg Generic Cipro, or even if you don't, join the Facebook group and show your support for this amazing candidate.

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    How Much Colchicine Kills Tetrahymena

    August 17, 2009 by Editor · 17 Comments 

    How Much Colchicine Kills Tetrahymena, Today the Obama Administration filed court papers saying the Defense of Marriage Act does discriminate against same-sex couples, but... the Justice Department is continuing to defend the law that prevents married same-sex couples from having their unions recognized by the federal government.

    President Obama hasn't changed his policy, but he is softening his tone. 20mg How Much Colchicine Kills Tetrahymena, Today, the Department of Justice filed a response to a legal challenge to the Defense of Marriage Act for the second time since Obama took office.

    When DOJ first did this, its brief was full of rhetoric that appeared to supporters to be over-the-top and anti-gay. The White House -- and the Justice Department -- seemed to have taken the criticisms to heart, How Much Colchicine Kills Tetrahymena. Their challenge in this case defends the idea that the government must defend constitutional laws -- even wrong-headed ones, How Much Colchicine Kills Tetrahymena mexico, but notes that the Obama administration opposes the substance of the policy.

    The White House issued a rare statement in the name of Obama himself and distributed it to gay rights groups:

    "This brief makes clear, however, How Much Colchicine Kills Tetrahymena ebay, that my Administration believes that the Act is discriminatory and should be repealed by Congress. I have long held that DOMA prevents LGBT couples from being granted equal rights and benefits. While we work with Congress to repeal DOMA, my Administration will continue to examine and implement measures that will help extend rights and benefits to LGBT couples under existing law."

    Equality California had this to say in response:

    “Although we are pleased that the Obama Administration has stated that DOMA is discriminatory and that same-sex couples are as good parents as heterosexual couples, we are troubled by the Obama Justice Department saying that discrimination based on sexual orientation does not raise serious constitutional issues and that such discrimination is rational, How Much Colchicine Kills Tetrahymena india,” Kors said. “Discrimination against same-sex couples is never rational, and laws that discriminate must be reviewed carefully to ensure that the majority’s animus toward lesbian, 750mg How Much Colchicine Kills Tetrahymena, gay, bisexual and transgender people is not the motive."

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    Zithromax Z Packs

    August 14, 2009 by Editor · 11 Comments 

    Zithromax Z Packs, At the Netroots conference, activist and blogger Lane Hudson interrupted a speech by former President Bill Clinton to ask if he would call for a repeal, right then, of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and the Defense of Marriage Act.

    “I hated what happened,” Clinton said about DADT. “This policy should be changed.” But he said that gays and lesbians didn’t deliver the Congressional support his administration needed to allow gays and lesbians to openly serve. The compromise as first proposed, he said, would have allowed gays and lesbians to attend Pride Parades and political events without consequence.
    As for DOMA, Clinton said it was necessary to head off the possibility of Congress passing a Constitutional Amendment to ban gay marriage.

    The video is at Good As You, Zithromax Z Packs.

    At HuffPo, Lane Hudson explains in his own words.

    Here’s the transcript, via Pam’s House Blend:

    Lane Hudson (screaming from the audience): Mr. President, will you call for a repeal of DOMA and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell right now, 500mg Zithromax Z Packs. Please. Zithromax Z Packs, Bill Clinton: … You want to talk about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, I’ll tell you exactly what happened. You couldn’t deliver me any support in the Congress and they voted by a veto-proof majority in both houses against my attempt to let gays serve in the military, and the media supported them. They raised all kinds of devilment. And all most of you did was to attack me instead of getting me some support in the Congress. Now that’s the truth.

    Secondly — it’s true, Zithromax Z Packs. You know, you may have noticed that presidents aren’t dictators. They voted — they were about to vote for the old policy by margins exceeding 80 percent in the House and exceeding 70 percent in the Senate. The gave test votes out there to send me a message that they were going to reverse any attempt I made by executive order to force them to accept gays in the military. And let me remind you that the public opinion now is more strongly in our favor than it was 16 years ago, and I have continued supporting it. Zithromax Z Packs, That John Shalikashvili, who was chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under me, was against Don’t Ask — was against letting gays serve — is now in favor of it. This is a different world. Zithromax Z Packs usa, That’s the point I’m trying to make.

    Let me also say something that never got sufficient publicity at the time: When General Colin Powell came up with this Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, it was defined while he was chairman much differently than it was implemented. He said: ‘If you will accept this, here’s what we’ll do. We will not pursue anyone, Zithromax Z Packs. Any military members out of uniform will be free to march in gay rights parades, go to gay bars, go to political meetings. Whatever mailings they get, whatever they do in their private lives, none of this will be a basis for dismissal.’ It all turned out to be a fraud because of the enormous reaction against it among the middle-level officers and down after it was promulgated and Colin was gone. So nobody regrets how this was implemented any more than I do. But the Congress also put that into law by a veto-proof majority, and many of your friends voted for that, believing the explanation about how it would be eliminated, Zithromax Z Packs uk. Zithromax Z Packs, So, I hated what happened. I regret it. But I didn’t have, I didn’t think at the time, any choice if I wanted any progress to be made at all. Look, I think it’s ridiculous. Can you believe they spent — whatever they spent — $150,000 to get rid of a valued Arabic speaker recently.

    And, you know, the thing that changed me forever on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was when I learned that 130 gay service people were allowed to serve and risk their lives in the first Gulf War, and all their commanders knew they were gay; they let them go out there and risk their lives because they needed them, and then as soon as the first Gulf War was over, they kicked them out, Zithromax Z Packs. That’s all I needed to know, that’s all anybody needs to know, to know that this policy should be changed.

    Now, while we’re at it, 100mg Zithromax Z Packs, let me just say one thing about DOMA, since you — the reason I signed DOMA was — and I said when I signed it — that I thought the question of whether gays should marry should be left up to states and to religious organizations, and if any church or other religious body wanted to recognize gay marriage, they ought to. We were attempting at the time, in a very reactionary Congress, to head off an attempt to send a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage to the states. And if you look at the 11 referenda much later — in 2004, in the election — which the Republicans put on the ballot to try to get the base vote for President Bush up, I think it’s obvious that something had to be done to try to keep the Republican Congress from presenting that. Zithromax Z Packs, The President doesn’t even get to veto that. The Congress can refer constitutional amendments to the states. I didn’t like signing DOMA and I certainly didn’t like the constraints that were put on benefits, and I’ve done everything I could — and I am proud to say that the State Department was the first federal department to restore benefits to gay partners in the Obama administration, and I think we are going forward in the right direction now for federal employees.

    But, Zithromax Z Packs australia, actually, all these things illustrate the point I’m trying to make. America has rapidly moved to a different place on a lot of these issues, and so what we have to decide is what we are going to do about it. Right now, the Republicans are sitting around rooting for the president to fail, as nearly as I can see.

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