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Zithromax Foodborne Illness

August 20, 2009 by Editor 

portland-oregon Zithromax Foodborne Illness, Clipboard in hand, Ernesto Dominguez, 21, rings the doorbell of a modest home in a Portland suburb. A 77-year-old woman in sweatpants appears and Dominguez politely asks, "Do you think committed same-sex couples should get the full rights of marriage?" The woman launches into a supportive rant. "This is supposed to be a free country and it's getting to where [the government] dictates everything!" she says. Zithromax Foodborne Illness craiglist, "I say let 'em do whatever they want!"

During the past eight weeks, same-sex marriage advocates like Dominguez have knocked on 17,000 doors around the state. Unlike most political campaigns, the volunteers and handful of paid workers turned out by Basic Rights Oregon (BRO) and youth voting group the Oregon Bus Project are not aiming to get money or convince voters to support a specific ballot measure, Zithromax Foodborne Illness paypal. Instead, as their Marriage Matters campaign aims to put same-sex marriage on the ballot as soon as 2012, the groups are trying to spark conversation with a random sample of voters, Zithromax Foodborne Illness. The first weeks of a three-year campaign in Oregon are gauging opinion on same-sex marriage while trying to win hearts and minds.

In 2004, 57 percent of Oregonians voted in favor of Measure 36, Zithromax Foodborne Illness overseas, a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman. BRO challenged the ban in court, but unlike in Iowa, the state courts came down against the LGBT cause. To overturn the constitutional amendment and legalize same-sex marriage, Zithromax Foodborne Illness coupon, BRO has to get its own statewide measure on the ballot.

That, says BRO Organizing Director Thomas Wheatley, 150mg Zithromax Foodborne Illness, means a massive campaign with years of groundwork. While BRO spent $56,000 lobbying state legislators in the first three months of this year, now they're focusing on regular Oregonians.

Read the entire article over at the Portland Mercury.

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One Response to “Zithromax Foodborne Illness”

  1. Andy Heath on September 20th, 2009 5:56 am

    Good that they’re doing something positive in Oregon. In my home state of Tennessee, our people are so dull they wouldn’t even consider supporting same sex marriage rights. I’m hoping maybe 50 years from now Tennesseans will come around. I’m glad Oregon is ahead though. I hope they get this to pass.

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