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Hospital Colchicine Injection

November 3, 2009 by Editor · 16 Comments 

Hospital Colchicine Injection, Just in from "Restore America", a refreshing reminder of just how out of touch with the mainstream they are and another reason I think their leader is a mo. In the words of Kathy G... allegedly.

Restore America was in back of the failed effort to put both Oregon's Domestic Partnership and Statewide Anti-Discrimination laws back on the ballot in an attempt to reverse them.

As you read below, you may also get the sickening sense that their cultish leader, David Crowe, has such contempt for gays and lesbians, that he secretly wants to get in a guy's pants. Just my opinion David, Hospital Colchicine Injection.

Here is the article in the Oregonian that he is referring to.

Here's the email from them today in light of Basic Rights Oregon starting a statewide conversation on marriage equality.

Oregon's Sodomites Can't Take "No" For An Answer

On November first, Bill Graves of The Oregonian reported that Basic Rights Oregon, the political front group for the sodomite community in Oregon, is planning another attack on traditional marriage, Hospital Colchicine Injection us, er go, Oregon's Constitution, and the clearly expressed will of the people of Oregon.

The self absorbed child is throwing another public

No matter how many subjective videos, TV tear jerkers, poor me stories, and claims of discrimination they are going to throw at Oregonians, Basic Rights Oregon has an agenda of intolerance shaped in Washington D.C. that parallels that of the Obama Administration and his radical democrat friends in Congress. Hospital Colchicine Injection, Basic Rights and their rejection of traditional American values is simply another organization in a wider political scheme to reshape America into a nation representing their vision, not that of our Founders, and certainly not the majority of Americans, including Oregonians.

Traditional marriage is inviolable

A committed, natural, and God ordained relationship between a man and a woman, Hospital Colchicine Injection ebay, for the purpose of procreation, child rearing, the blessing of family, intimate relationship, and the growth of a moral society, is the only form of 'marriage.' There is no other. Any other relationship between men and men, and women and women, is not marriage, nor will it ever be. Calling an immoral relationship any other name - especially mariage - is an illusion of already deluded, deceived and emotionally troubled people who recognize they are missing what a normal committed relationship produces. Unwisely, they believe that governmental benefits and forced societal acceptance will provide that, Hospital Colchicine Injection craiglist, making what they do, acceptable to those around them.

So called 'same sex marriage' is oxymoronic and immoral

The current swirl of fashionable political manipulation, media 'shove' and social pressure to make marriage anything else, particularly to those who cannot procreate, and who can only confuse children, is nothing more than the sorrowful figment of morally fragmented minds, the anti God elites who manipulate them for their own purposes, and troubled souls who want acceptance and benefits, from the taxpayers - a majority of which have a legitimate conscience problem with their tax dollars being used to cater to a behavior that is in fact, and by consensus, now, Hospital Colchicine Injection india, and in millennia past, immoral.

In short, this effort in itself is immoral, shortsighted, self centered, and juvenile, and will cost Oregonians millions, not only financially, but in the years ahead with confused children, multiplied division, and the loss of free speech if Basic Rights Oregon, and a small special interest group get their way.

Do not be deceived Oregonians, Hospital Colchicine Injection usa. We have seen this all before.


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