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    1. sharon denny on September 15th, 2012 8:51 pm (Edit)

      i don’t thank gay rights sould be taken away. if they take gay rights away they should take stright rights away as well.. the strights would not like it if they got there rights took away . where man couldent be with woman.or they could not marrie there mate that they love. why do stright ’s get all the rights .also why do strites get to marrie and the gays can’t be happy . why is there so much homeafobic. in the world. god loves every body .he wants marriage for everybody.not just stright people. why dose romney and ryan not underunderstand gay people love one another to.why are they so hateful.ryan has blue eyes and can’t be trusted . i never did trust blue eyed people.i don’t like or trust john banner.eather romney and ryan lie’s alot about alots of things and i don’t trust eather of them. if they get in the white house the world is gonna be in trouble. i know i will. cause i can’t work any more i am totalie tis able and can’t work anymore .i have heart trouble, diabete.s so dose my gay son also my son is hanicaped can’t read or write. i will not vote for romney or ryan. i will vote for obama . in nov because he love’s everybody know matter what there sex is

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