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Amoxil In Place Of Flagyl

August 29, 2008 by Bryan · 3 Comments 

Sarah Palin Alaska Amoxil In Place Of Flagyl, With the news this morning of John McCain choosing quite possibly one of the weakest on his list doesn't shock me. Just take one look at the unorganized, nasty campaign he's been running. They're perfect for one another -- except for just one thing. 100mg Amoxil In Place Of Flagyl, She has less than two years of "real" experience in politics and in true leadership.

Worth noting is that she was the mayor of a town with 9,000 people, which is a smaller population than if you were to draw a two block radius from my house. And he's tapped her to be the vice president of the United States of America, Amoxil In Place Of Flagyl. A 72 year-old heartbeat away from being the most powerful leader of the free world, 40mg Amoxil In Place Of Flagyl. Astonishing that McCain made the decision to choose someone not with experience to lead the United States, but someone with incredibly socially conservative values in a move meant to pacify the extreme right.

Immediately following the decision, 1000mg Amoxil In Place Of Flagyl, one of Oregon's Christian terrorist organizations came out applauding his choice which only goes to further show my point above.

While yes, Sarah Palin may energize an evangelical base, she has no experience to be the vice president. She may be able to lead a population of 9, Amoxil In Place Of Flagyl coupon,000 - or maybe even 683,478 in Alaska, but there is a massive difference in the needs our country that we must satisfy when we're in the middle of a war that is out of control, Amoxil In Place Of Flagyl canada, huge economic crisis and the loss of respect from the rest of the world.

We are the United States of America and this is no time to choose a leader to simply placate the extreme right on social issues.

All in all I am glad that McCain has picked Palin. After what may have been the most successful convention in modern history, the Democratic Party is ready to rock and roll with the leadership of Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

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Rosesea And Retin A

August 14, 2008 by Bryan · 12 Comments 

Rosesea And Retin A, I'll come right out and say it - I've never been a fan of Manhunt. Sure I've been in a monogamous relationship for the past three years, but even if I was single it wouldn't be a site I'd cruise. Pun very much intended. Or maybe it's my shared sentiment with Michael Joseph Gross' OUT article entitled "Has Manhunt Destroyed Gay Culture?". Manhunt simply isn't my style, 150mg Rosesea And Retin A. That said, it may not be your style anymore either after you read this, Rosesea And Retin A.

Manhunt rakes in about $30 million dollars a year, or roughly $2.4 million dollars a month. Is some of that your money? If so, you may be dismayed to learn that owner, Rosesea And Retin A australia, Jonathan Crutchley, has contributed the maximum allowable amount ($2300) to the John McCain campaign.

Shown here:

I think that many readers will agree with me when I say - what the fuck. Now sure, politics are personal, but something inside me is enraged by the fact that the owner of a website that caters to what they boast as 1, 1000mg Rosesea And Retin A,000,000 gay men, has the audacity to contribute money to a candidate that is completely against equal treatment for the GLBT community. Rosesea And Retin A, To me, it would be like the NAACP making a contribution to David Duke.

One of the readers over at Towleroad wrote to

After one of our irate readers emailed Manhunt informing them that they had cancelled their account, Rosesea And Retin A india, he received the following email from the company:

Dear Sir,

We are always happy to hear from our members, thank you for taking the time to
express your concerns. The subject that you have brought to our attention is a personal matter and is
not representative of MANHUNT. We thank you for your understanding.

Sincerely, Rosesea And Retin A overseas, Team MANHUNT

Obviously, I sincerely disagree..

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Clomid Pcos

July 17, 2008 by Bryan · 4 Comments 

John McCain Clomid Pcos, The Log Cabin Republicans confuse the hell out of me. While practically endorsing McCain by providing a summary of 'what he's done for us', we've got the sad truth about John McCain's long anti-gay record.

The Log Cabin Republicans have long grasped for inclusion in the Republican party and well, wake up, you are delusional. While I admire their steadfast attempts to gain acceptance into the party, Clomid Pcos craiglist, the issue here is that no matter how you look at it, 99% of our elected Republicans have anti-GLBT records.

On a side note, today on their website they praise the HIV/AIDS funding bill passing the Senate. They specifically praise the Republican co-sponsor, Gordon Smith (Oregon) and briefly mention John Kerry (Mass), the Democrat who was the other co-sponsor, Clomid Pcos.

On another side note, before getting to McCain's horrible anti-gay record, let me mention their support of Senator Gordon Smith (R - Oregon). Senator Smith voted for the Federal Marriage Amendment to ban gay marriage, Clomid Pcos usa, and supported Measure 36, which banned marriage equality here in Oregon. While he may have been a big supporter of the Federal Hate Crimes bill, there's no way to cover up his anti-gay record. Though sadly, Senator Smith is featured on their home page right now with the phrase, Clomid Pcos australia, "Supporting fair-minded Republican leaders". Clomid Pcos, Now on to John McCain's gay-hating record.

John McCain's long, sad record on GLBT issues:

OPPOSED Ending Discrimination Against GLBT Americans in the Workplace. Senator McCain cast a deciding vote against the federal Employment Non Discrimination Act.

OPPOSED Protecting GLBT Americans from Hate Crimes. Senator McCain voted three times against expanding the federal hate crimes law to include sexual orientation.

PROPONENT of Discriminatory Military Policy, Clomid Pcos. Senator McCain supports Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and does not believe that gays should serve in the military, 30mg Clomid Pcos.

OPPONENT of Equal Benefits for Same-Sex Couples. Senator McCain voted for the Defense of Marriage Act which prohibits same-sex couples from receiving federal rights and benefits in any state.

ACTIVELY SUPPORTED State Ban on Domestic Partnerships. Clomid Pcos, Senator McCain campaigned for a ban on same-sex relationship recognition in his home state of Arizona – even appearing in a campaign television ad.

SUPPORTED the Confirmation of Anti-GLBT Equality Judges. Senator McCain voted to confirm President Bush’s judicial nominees who had taken anti-GLBT positions. He has pointed to Justice Samuel Alito as a role model for future Supreme Court appointments. Clomid Pcos us, SUPPORTED a Discriminatory HIV/AIDS Policy. Senator McCain supported a Jesse Helms strategy to cut off funding for prevention efforts aimed at the gay community and voted to prohibit foreign nationals with HIV from immigrating to the United States, Clomid Pcos.

ANNOUNCED this week in the NYT that he opposes gay adoption. "I don’t believe in gay adoption," he told the NYT.

An endorsement from the Log Cabin Republicans would simply go to show how self-loathing they truly are. I however would applaud them for a non-endorsement in 2008.




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Zithromax Liquid Dosage

July 7, 2008 by Editor · Leave a Comment 

Zithromax Liquid Dosage, This is not another story about a large data leak by a credit card processor, another laptop stolen out of a car with thousands of social security numbers or even some horrible internet phishing scheme. On the day of celebration of our independence and freedom, a ruling by a US District Judge declared exactly how free some of your information will be to a mega-media corporation. 100mg Zithromax Liquid Dosage, In a swipe at the privacy of every user of the internet (or just those who have viewed something on YouTube), a judge in the court battle between Google and Viacom ordered the logon names and IP addresses be delivered to Viacom. While there is a protective order on the data and an "unequivocal" promise from Viacom's General Counsel Michael Fricklas not to use the information to learn the real identity of viewers, I have difficulty believing that these bytes will stay in the Viacom legal department, Zithromax Liquid Dosage usa.

This ruling coupled with the recent Supreme Court decisions has left me curious of exactly the direction our justice system is taking our individual liberties. While the Court has made an individual's privilege to own a handgun a Constitutional right, they continue to waiver on the limits of an individual's right to privacy, Zithromax Liquid Dosage. The expansive path the Court took with 2nd Amendment has not been the same path taken with the 4th which is cited as the root of privacy rights. 250mg Zithromax Liquid Dosage, Even more frightening is the collar the Republican administration has on Congress to follow its lead on FISA. Our Democratic nominee within the last week has done an about face and is now stepping in line with the administration for the compromise legislation that will be voted upon when Congress returns to session after the holiday break.

As noted on Chris Cillizza's blog at the Washington Post, Daily Kos contributing editor Joan McCarter commented about the important of the FISA vote, Zithromax Liquid Dosage coupon, "This has never been about punishing the [telecommunication companies] for the majority of us -- it's been about open government, about accountability, Zithromax Liquid Dosage japan, and about the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution, not to be too dramatic about the whole thing." That statement from an editor on a liberal blog that has been a firm supporter of Obama's change-making campaign is cause for concern on the future of our "right to privacy."

What is more important to the average American today – the right to privacy from mega-corporations and the government or the right to a locked and loaded handgun ready for action in their apartment.

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